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August 21, 2013 10:03 pm


Anonymous: Hello,I just want to know if the DollFace Cosmetics in the Philippines is from US. for i want to place an order.but then i hesitate for i had heard rumors that there product is from HongKong but the owner is telling everyone that it come from U.S.(to increase their sales).

Hi! The dollface that im using is this Im not sure though if they are locally made. You may contact them from their fb page to clarify. thanks! :)

February 19, 2013 6:18 pm
The Ukay Diaries: The Ukay Diaries X THBoxes International Giveaway!



Hey guys! I’m back with another giveaway! Whatever you’re wearing a little dash of accessories will surely give an extra oomph to your get up. Now get a chance to score a free bling of your choice under $8 and perk up your outfit by joining my second giveaway sponsored by THboxes! The…

August 21, 2012 2:18 pm

Mark Kay: Lash Love Mascara

I recently bought mascara from Mary Kay. Im not really a fan of mascara because I had a bad experience in using one before.But I eventually gave this one a try and I love it! Here are the reasons why…

Love it:

o Not heavy (Doesn’t really feel like your wearing a mascara)

o They say you need to curl your lashes first before you put on mascara, well I dont. I already have long lashes and I just want to add volume so this one is enough, but if you’re looking for twiggy style lashes then no one’s stopping you :p

o It stays the whole day and doesn’t run or make shadows under the eye.

o It’s waterproof, but it’s easy to remove with soap and water. Like i’ve said before, I had a really bad experience in using waterproof mascara and it’s all because they’re so hard to remove, There are few times when I wake up, my eyes have black spots because of the mascara residue which I thought I had removed already with eye makeup remover and cleanser. But this, I love it so much, it even softens the lashes once you washed it out. It feels really soft like I put a conditioner on my lashes!! and the curls stays up till the next day.

Hate it:

o This is quite expensive, P725

o You can only purchase it thru a Beauty Consultant

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August 6, 2012 10:53 am

Maybelline Mineral Foundation

I’m not really into foundations but I want to have some on my kit. Currently, I only have 1 foundation (who needs a lot anyway?) which is my Mary Kay Timewise and 1 bb cream from etude house. From what I’ve searched, I think foundation evens out your skin tone. Some of us tend to have darker forehead, or if you have large pores to hide, foundation should help you make it look smooth and even.

I don’t really have an idea on what makes mineral makeup better on the normal makeup. They say that mineral makeup is pure and organic, but I’m not into them. I just wanted to try this one out.

Love it:

o Reason why I don’t like liquid foundation is because it tends to feel heavy and makes me feel really tired. So I am very happy with this because it feels really light, I feel like I’m not really wearing any foundation and it really looks natural.

o Another reason why I hate wearing foundation is it makes my face oily. My skin condition is normal and I usually get 3% oil on my face throughout the day. This product gave me 5% oil and I don’t think it’s bad (2% oil) compared to those vie tried before.

o It’s worthy-cheap. (P499)

o Packaging. I love that it comes with a pump and not just tube. I am sure that no product would go to waste (a.k.a covers on tubes) cheapskate!

o Its available everywhere

o Has a lot of shades to choose from and from what I can remember; I saw 5 different shades on Maybelline’s tester table.

Hate it:

o So far I have none. I think it’s a good buy and I love it!

*Liquid Foundations are recommended on people who have dry to normal skin.

What I’m wearing (Natural Light, No Edits)

o Maybelline Mineral Foundation

o Maybelline Fresh Berry Blush

o In2it Cranberry Lipstick

o Faceshop Liquid Eyeliner

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10:53 am

Cranberry In2it Lipstick

Lipstick is probably the largest on my makeup stash. I am obsessed with them! I have Revlon, Mac, Sephora, Nyx, Mary Kay, Tony Moly etc… I recently bought in2it, a local (I think) drugstore makeup brand. I feel guilty having a lot of lipsticks and I just consumed at least 1/8 of them. So I decided to buy cheap lipstick instead because I know, soon enough I would be tired of using that same color. This is my favorite lipstick as of the moment, Moist Intense In2it Lipstick in Cranberry, and I use it always.

Love it:

o Packaging. I love the swirls design at the bottom of the tube and it doesn’t really look cheap. It doesn’t have the transparent plastic cover that’s usually the cover of cheap lipsticks.

o With the right application, the color stays unless you eat. If not, it would stain your lip. It’s pigmented.

o It’s cheap! (P379.75)

o I love the color in Cranberry, and they also have a wide selections of colors.

Hate it:

o So, what do I hate about this product? None. I don’t have any high expectations on this brand but it certainly is not waste of money. I think all lipsticks, regardless of the brand, won’t stay on your lips after you eat unless it’s Revlon Colorstay (would blog about this one soon). Coz, even when I use Mac, it still fades away.

TIP: Don’t be shy to try out tester, they’ll be giving you tissue so you can wipe the top layer of the product so it’s more hygienic to use. And also, don’t be too judgmental or cynical on using drugstore makeup products. Coz, people won’t even notice what product you’re using when it’s already on your face. It’s not like it will have some flashing light displaying the brand and most of them a really good so I really encourage you to try them out.

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